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Part 1: Cochrane reviews
Part 2: General methods for Cochrane reviews
Part 3: Special topics
    13 Including non-randomized studies
    14 Adverse effects
    15 Incorporating economics evidence
    16 Special topics in statistics
    17 Patient-reported outcomes
    18 Reviews of individual patient data
       18.1 Introduction
       18.2 The collaborative nature of IPD meta-analyses
       18.3 Dealing with data
       18.4 Analysis
       18.5 Limitations and Caveats
          18.5.1 What an IPD review cannot fix
          18.5.2 Unavailable studies
          18.5.3 Deciding when an IPD review is appropriate
       18.6 Chapter information
       Box 18.6.a: The Cochrane Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis Methods Group
       18.7 References
    19 Prospective meta-analysis
    20 Qualitative research and Cochrane reviews
    21 Reviews in public health and health promotion
    22 Overviews of reviews
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