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Part 1: Cochrane reviews
Part 2: General methods for Cochrane reviews
Part 3: Special topics
    13 Including non-randomized studies
    14 Adverse effects
    15 Incorporating economics evidence
    16 Special topics in statistics
    17 Patient-reported outcomes
    18 Reviews of individual patient data
       18.1 Introduction
          18.1.1 What is an IPD review?
          18.1.2 When should an IPD review be done?
          Box 18.1.a: Potential benefits of IPD
          18.1.3 How are IPD review methods different?
          18.1.4 How are IPD reviews organized?
          18.1.5 What healthcare areas have used the IPD approach?
          18.1.6 If I am thinking about doing an IPD review, what should I do first?
       18.2 The collaborative nature of IPD meta-analyses
       18.3 Dealing with data
       18.4 Analysis
       18.5 Limitations and Caveats
       18.6 Chapter information
       Box 18.6.a: The Cochrane Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis Methods Group
       18.7 References
    19 Prospective meta-analysis
    20 Qualitative research and Cochrane reviews
    21 Reviews in public health and health promotion
    22 Overviews of reviews
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