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Part 1: Cochrane reviews
    1 Introduction
       1.1 The Cochrane Collaboration
          1.1.1 Introduction
          Box1.1.a: The Principles of The Cochrane Collaboration
          1.1.2 Structure of The Cochrane Collaboration
          1.1.3 Publication of Cochrane reviews
          Box 1.1.b: Databases published in The Cochrane Library
       1.2 Systematic reviews
       1.3 About this Handbook
       1.4 Contributors to the Handbook
       1.5 Chapter information
       1.6 References
    2 Preparing a Cochrane review
    3 Maintaining reviews: updates, amendments and feedback
    4 Guide to the contents of a Cochrane protocol and review
Part 2: General methods for Cochrane reviews
Part 3: Special topics
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