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Part 1: Cochrane reviews
    1 Introduction
    2 Preparing a Cochrane review
    3 Maintaining reviews: updates, amendments and feedback
    4 Guide to the contents of a Cochrane protocol and review
       4.1 Introduction
       4.2 Title and review information (or protocol information)
       4.3 Abstract
       4.4 Plain language summary
       4.5 Main text
          Introductory text
          Authors' conclusions
          Contributions of authors
          Declarations of interest
          Differences between protocol and review
          Published notes
       4.6 Tables
       4.7 Studies and references
       4.8 Data and analyses
       Figure 4.8.a: Illustration of the hierarchy of the Data and analyses section
       4.9 Figures
       4.10 Sources of support to the review
       4.11 Feedback
       4.12 Appendices
       4.13 Chapter information
       4.14 References
Part 2: General methods for Cochrane reviews
Part 3: Special topics
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