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Box 6.7.a: The Cochrane Information Retrieval Methods Group

The Information Retrieval Methods Group (IRMG) aims to provide advice and support, to conduct research and to facilitate information exchange regarding methods to support the information retrieval activities of The Cochrane Collaboration. The group was officially registered with the Collaboration in November 2004. Members concentrate on providing practical support for the development of information retrieval techniques and facilities for information searchers. The group’s aims are realized by the following activities:

  • Offering advice on information retrieval policy and practice;

  • Providing training and support;

  • Conducting empirical research (including systematic reviews) into information retrieval methods;

  • Helping to monitor the quality of searching techniques employed in systematic reviews;

  • Liaising with members of the Campbell Collaboration to avoid duplication of effort in areas of information retrieval of interest to both the Cochrane and Campbell Collaborations;

  • Serving as a forum for discussion.


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