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Reporting the search process in the review abstract


For further guidance on how this information should be listed see Chapter 11 (Section 11.8).  


Reporting the search process in the Methods section

In the ‘Search methods for identification of studies’ section(s):


The full search strategies for each database should be included in an Appendix of the review to avoid interrupting the flow of the text of the review. The search strategies should be copied and pasted exactly as run and included in full together with the line numbers for each search set. They should not be re-typed as this can introduce errors. For further detailed guidance on this contact the Trials Search Co-ordinator.


Reporting the date of the search

A single date should be specified in the 'date of search' field, to indicate when the most recent comprehensive search was started. For more information on specifying this date, see Chapter 3 (Section 3.3.3).