This is an archived version of the Handbook. For the current version, please go to or search for this chapter here.  Search filters for identifying randomized trials in EMBASE

The UK Cochrane Centre is working on designing an objectively derived highly sensitive search strategy for identifying reports of  randomized trials in EMBASE, using word frequency analysis methods similar to those used to design the highly sensitive search strategies for identifying  randomized trials in MEDLINE described in Section (Glanville 2006). Review authors wishing to conduct their own searches of EMBASE in the meanwhile might wish to consider using the search terms listed in Section that are currently used by the UK Cochrane Centre to identify EMBASE reports of  randomized trials for inclusion in CENTRAL (Lefebvre 2008). Alternatively, the search filter designed by Wong and colleagues for identifying what they define as "clinically sound treatment studies" in EMBASE may be used (Wong 2006).


As discussed in Section, EMBASE has been searched from 1980 to 2006 inclusive, using the terms listed in that section, and records of reports of trials (on the basis of the titles and abstracts only) have been included in CENTRAL.