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3.4.7  Editorial process

After completion of the updating process, the review should be submitted to the editorial team for further processing. There is variation across CRGs in policies regarding when and if updated reviews go through the process of full editorial review. If an update involves no further analysis or change of result, it may not need to be refereed, however if there are new analyses, inclusion of new methods or changes to conclusion, the same pre-publication process as that of the original review is likely to be repeated.


On rare occasions a review needs to be withdrawn from the CDSR. This may be temporary (e.g. because the review is severely out of date, or contains a major error) or permanent (e.g. because the review has been split into a series of smaller reviews). The withdrawal of the review should be noted in the ‘Published notes’ section of the review. The review containing this withdrawal notice should be submitted for publication in each issue of the CDSR. If the withdrawal is temporary, the review may be re-instated when the content is judged to be satisfactory by the review authors and their CRG. If a review is withdrawn because its content has been merged with another review, a notice should be included in the ‘Published notes’ section to explain that it has been withdrawn for this reason.