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22.3.1  Title and review information (or protocol information)

The title of an Overview should have the form:

[Interventions or comparisons] for [health problem] in OR for [types of people, disease or problem and setting if specified].

 The ‘Interventions or comparisons’ part of the title can take various formats, depending on the scope of the review.  If all potential interventions with systematic review evidence are to be considered, this section should simply read ‘Interventions for’.  If the Overview is to be restricted to a subset of potential interventions, the title should indicate the subset, for example ‘Surgical interventions for ’. If two types of intervention are to be compared, the comparator should be included in the title, for example ‘Surgical or pharmacological interventions for’.

All other review information is the same as for Intervention reviews, as described in Chapter 4 (Section 4.2).