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22.2.1  Organizational issues

The impetus for initiation of a Cochrane Overview should be an area of priority where a number of Cochrane Intervention reviews exist. The identification of a need for an Overview could come from a team of interested authors, a CRG, or a grouping of CRGs. Fields or Centres might also set priority areas for Cochrane Overviews and attempt to find authors to undertake them. Authors of Cochrane Intervention reviews may take on the role of Overview author if they wish, but are not automatically required to do so. Authors of Overviews should be familiar with the methodology of Cochrane Intervention reviews, ideally having co-authored one.


One CRG will have editorial control over each Overview of reviews; titles and protocols should be submitted in the same way as for Intervention reviews. In most cases, all of the Cochrane reviews to be included in the Overview will be expected to come from a single CRG, and that CRG would have editorial responsibility. If it is anticipated that Cochrane reviews from more than one CRG will be included, for example in Overviews of reviews addressing an intervention used in the management of several conditions, the editorial process would be discussed among the relevant CRGs, and a decision made about which CRG(s) would take the editorial role, as currently happens for some reviews when more than one CRG is involved.


Authors of an Overview who identify studies not included in existing Cochrane Intervention reviews may consider approaching the relevant CRG to plan a new Cochrane review with a broader scope, to update an existing Cochrane review or to undertake a new Cochrane review for an intervention not already included in an existing review.