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Box 2.2.b: Sections of a Cochrane review


Review information:


        Contact person*


        What’s new





        Search methods*

        Data collection and analysis*


        Authors’ conclusions*

Plain language summary:

        Plain language title*

        Summary text*

The review:




                 Criteria for selecting studies for this review:

                         Types of studies*

                         Types of participants*

                         Types of interventions*

                         Types of outcome measures*

                 Search methods for identification of studies*

                 Data collection and analysis*


                 Description of studies*

                 Risk of bias in included studies*

                 Effects of interventions*


        Authors’ conclusions:

                 Implication for practice*

                 Implication for research*



                 References to studies:

                         Included studies

                         Excluded studies

                         Studies awaiting classification

                         Ongoing studies

                 Other references:

                         Additional references

                         Other published versions of this review

         Tables and figures:

                 Characteristics of studies:

                         Characteristics of included studies (includes ‘Risk of bias’ tables)

                         Characteristics of excluded studies

                         Characteristics of studies awaiting assessment

                         Characteristics of ongoing studies

                 ‘Summary of findings’ tables

                 Additional tables


Supplementary information:

         Data and analyses







About the article:

         Contributions of authors

         Declarations of interest*

         Differences between protocol and review

         Sources of support:

                 Internal sources

                 External sources

        Published notes