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2.3.6  Training

It is important to ensure that those contributing to the work of the Collaboration have the knowledge, skills and support that they need to do a good job. Training may be needed by review authors, editors, criticism editors, peer reviewers, CRG Co-ordinators and Trials Search Co-ordinators, hand-searchers, trainers and users of Cochrane reviews. We focus here on the training needs of review authors and editors to help them to prepare and maintain high quality reviews.


While some review authors who join a CRG have training and experience in conducting a systematic review, many do not. In addition to the training materials and support to authors provided by many CRGs, Cochrane Centres are responsible for working with Methods Groups to develop training materials based on the Handbook  and for organizing training workshops for members of CRGs. Each CRG is responsible for ensuring that review authors have adequate training and methodological support. Training materials and opportunities for training are continually developed and updated to reflect the evolving needs of the Collaboration and its standards and guidelines.


Training for review authors is delivered in many countries by Cochrane Centres, Methods Groups and CRGs. Training timetables are listed on The Cochrane Collaboration’s training web site (, along with various training resources, including The Cochrane Collaboration’s online learning modules. Details of Cochrane Centres can be found on