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The Cochrane Collaboration encourages the involvement of healthcare consumers, either as part of the review team or in the editorial process. Consumer involvement helps ensure that reviews:


Relatively little is known about the effectiveness of various means of involving consumers in the review process or, more generally, in healthcare research (Nilsen 2006). However, the Collaboration supports consumer involvement in principle. This is based on our principles, good logic, and evidence that the views and perspectives of consumers often differ greatly from those of healthcare providers and researchers (Bastian 1998).


Consumers are participating in the development of protocols and reviews in the following ways:


Whenever consumers (or others) are consulted during the development of a protocol or review, their contribution should be acknowledged in the Acknowledgements section of the protocol or review. Where input to the review is more substantive  formal inclusion in the list of review authors for citation may also be appropriate, as it is for other contributors (see Chapter 4, Section 4.2.2).