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Chapter 17:  Patient-reported outcomes

Authors: Donald L Patrick, Gordon H Guyatt and Catherine Acquadro on behalf of the Cochrane Patient Reported Outcomes Methods Group.


Key points


17.1 What are patient-reported outcomes?

Figure 17.1.a: Classification of clinical trial outcomes with illustration of those most important to patients

17.2 Patient-reported outcomes and Cochrane reviews

17.3 Health status and quality of life as PRO outcomes

Table 17.3.a: Definitions of selected terms related to quality of life

Table 17.3.b: A taxonomy of health status and quality of life measures adapted from Patrick and Erickson.

17.4 Issues in the measurement of patient-reported outcomes

17.5 Locating and selecting studies with patient-reported outcomes

17.6 Assessing and describing patient-reported outcomes

Table 17.6.a: A checklist for describing and assessing PROs in clinical trials

17.7 Comparability of different patient-reported outcome measures

17.8 Interpreting Results

17.9 Chapter information

Box 17.9.a: The Cochrane Patient Reported Outcomes Methods Group

17.10 References