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Chapter 15:  Incorporating economics evidence

Authors: Ian Shemilt, Miranda Mugford, Sarah Byford, Michael Drummond, Eric Eisenstein, Martin Knapp, Jacqueline Mallender, David McDaid, Luke Vale and Damian Walker on behalf of the Campbell and Cochrane Economics Methods Group.


Key points


15.1 The role and relevance of economics evidence in Cochrane reviews

15.2 Planning the economics component of a Cochrane review

15.3 Locating studies

15.4 Selecting studies and collecting data

15.5 Addressing risk of bias

15.6 Analysing and presenting results

15.7 Addressing reporting biases

15.8 Interpreting results

Box15.8.a: Highlighting a need for further economics studies in

15.9 Conclusions

15.10 Chapter information

Box 15.10.a: The Campbell and Cochrane Economics Methods Group

15.11 References