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Box 12.8.a: The Cochrane Applicability and Recommendations Methods Group

We anticipate continued evolution of the methodologies described in this chapter.  The main arenas in which relevant discussions will take place are the Applicability and Recommendations Methods Group (ARMG) and the GRADE Methods Group.  Both discussion groups welcome new participants with an eagerness to learn more and to contribute to further developments in rating quality of evidence, and in framing issues in the application of Cochrane reviews.


The Applicability and Recommendations Methods Group (ARMG) is comprised of individuals with interest and expertise in the interpretation, applicability and transferability of the results of systematic reviews to individuals and groups. The ARMG’s objective is to explore the process of going from evidence to healthcare recommendations. The ultimate goals are to make this process as rigorous as possible.


Specific areas currently considered important include:

  • evaluating the quality of evidence (;

  • variation of effect with baseline risk;

  • prediction of benefit from the patient’s expected event rate or severity;

  • consideration of how the strength of evidence and the magnitude and precision of the effects bear on the implications; and

  • consideration of how people’s values bear on the implications when weighing benefits and harms based on individual clinical features.