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11.3.1  The ‘Data and analyses’ section of a review

The ‘Data and analyses’ section of a Cochrane review is a detailed resource of results. It includes outcome data (numeric or text), forest plots and meta-analysis results. The root of the ‘Data and analyses’ resource is a table of comparisons, outcomes and (optionally) subgroups for which data are available. Analyses listed in this table comprise either a table of results (‘other data’ tables) or, more usually, a table of data accompanied by a forest plot. The ‘Data and analyses’ tables are included in the full publication of a Cochrane review. However, some formats of a published review may omit the forest plots and ‘other data’ tables (along with appendices), and so they should generally be considered as supplementary material, and key results should be included in the text of the review under ‘Results’. The published review will always include a summary table of all analyses (including numbers of studies and meta-analysis results for each subgroup under each outcome for each comparison). The review should include the most important forest plots from the ‘Data and analyses’ resource as figures and these should be referenced in the ‘Results’ section (see Section 11.4.2).