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A.2.3  Contact person

Contact details should be provided for the person to whom correspondence about the review should be addressed, and who has agreed to take responsibility for maintaining and developing the review. Most usually, this person would (i) be responsible for developing and organizing the review team; (ii) communicate with the editorial base; (iii) ensure that the review is prepared within agreed timescales; (iv) mark the review for submission to the editorial base; (v) communicate feedback to co-authors; and (vi) ensure that the updates are prepared.


The contact person need not be the first listed author, and the choice of contact person will not affect the citation for the review. If an existing contact person no longer wishes to be responsible for a published review and another member of the review team does not wish to take responsibility for it, then contact details for the Review Group Co-ordinator (RGC) should be listed here. The contact person for a review need not be listed as an author.