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Part 1: Cochrane reviews
Part 2: General methods for Cochrane reviews
    5 Defining the review question and developing criteria for including studies
    6 Searching for studies
       6.1 Introduction
       6.2 Sources to search
          6.2.1 Bibliographic databases
          6.2.2 Journals and other non-bibliographic-database sources
    Full text journals available electronically
             Box 6.2.d: Examples of full-text journal sources available worldwide without charge
    Tables of contents
             Box 6.2.e: Examples of organizations offering Table of Contents (TOC) services
    Conference abstracts or proceedings
             Box 6.2.f: Examples of specialist conference abstract sources
    Other reviews, guidelines and reference lists as sources of studies
             Box 6.2.g: Examples of evidence-based guidelines
    Web searching
          6.2.3 Unpublished and ongoing studies
          6.2.4 Summary points
       6.3 Planning the search process
       6.4 Designing search strategies
       6.5 Managing references
       6.6 Documenting and reporting the search process
       6.7 Chapter information
       Box 6.7.a: The Cochrane Information Retrieval Methods Group
       6.8 References
    7 Selecting studies and collecting data
    8 Assessing risk of bias in included studies
    9 Analysing data and undertaking meta-analyses
    10 Addressing reporting biases
    11 Presenting results and 'Summary of findings' tables
    12 Interpreting results and drawing conclusions
Part 3: Special topics
Additional material