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Chapter 5:  Defining the review question and developing criteria for including studies

Editors: Denise O’Connor, Sally Green and Julian PT Higgins.


Key Points


5.1 Questions and eligibility criteria

5.2 Defining types of participants: which people and populations?

Box 5.2.a: Factors to consider for 'Types of participants'

5.3 Defining types of interventions: which comparisons to make?

Box 5.3.a: Factors to consider for 'Types of interventions'

5.4 Defining types of outcomes: which outcome measures are most important?

Box 5.4.a Factors to consider when developing criteria for 'Types of outcomes'

5.5 Defining types of study

5.6 Defining the scope of a review question (broad versus narrow)

Table 5.6.a: Some advantages and disadvantages of broad versus

5.7 Changing review questions

5.8 Chapter information

5.9 References